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Mindful Positivity: How to Improve Your Mood In Almost Any Situation

Mindfulness has become a popular topic amongst those seeking to improve their mental health. As someone struggling with depression and anxiety, I found practicing mindfulness a helpful tool to ground myself in the current moment instead of letting my mind indulge in my worries, fears and uncomfortable memories while disregarding the life I am living […]

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DIY Projects

DIY Project: Couch Makeover

For several years, my husband and I were using his old couch as a bed. It could be folded out and was pretty comfortable, but we yearned for a real bed. After we build our dream bed from scratch a couple of years ago, the couch no longer had to serve as a bed for […]

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Halloween Special: 5 Personal Paranormal Stories

As Halloween is coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to share some personal paranormal experiences with you. I have always been interested in the paranormal and personally love to read other people’s spooky stories. Enjoy the chills! Ghostly sneeze First, a bit of background info: Since I was born in an area […]

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Cheat Day

2 Ingredient Cake Frosting

This is an extremely simple & easy recipe for the best and the most delicious cake frosting EVER! It has been my mom’s go-to recipe for ages and I will share it with you today. You’ll need: Equal parts softened butter and sweetened condensed milk. That’s it! For a whole cake you’ll need around half […]

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