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2 Ingredient Cake Frosting

This is an extremely simple & easy recipe for the best and the most delicious cake frosting EVER! It has been my mom’s go-to recipe for ages and I will share it with you today. You’ll need: Equal parts softened butter and sweetened condensed milk. That’s it! For a whole cake you’ll need around half […]

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Curry Vegetables with Chicken and Rice Featured Image •
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Curry Vegetables With Chicken And Rice

Do you like to have your taste buds stimulated? Are you a fan of curry and the sweet & sour combo? I sure am and I love his dish. It is easy to make and quite healthy, but leaves you very satisfied. Ingredients for 4 portions 1 large 2 pound bag of frozen mixed vegetables […]

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Juiciest brownies featured image •
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The JUICIEST Brownies You Will Ever Taste

This is a tried and tested recipe for buttery chocolate heaven compressed into a brownie. Seriously, this will melt in your mouth! My recipe is based on this wonderful, basic recipe for brownies. I have made brownies following the original recipe quite a lot of times and LOVED them. However, I wanted to take it […]

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