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Halloween Special: 5 Personal Paranormal Stories

October 18, 2017

As Halloween is coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to share some personal paranormal experiences with you. I have always been interested in the paranormal and personally love to read other people’s spooky stories. Enjoy the chills!

Ghostly sneeze

First, a bit of background info: Since I was born in an area dominated by Russian culture, I grew up with Slavic folklore. A lot of Slavic people believe that each household has a spirit that lives alongside the humans. It is known as a “Domovoi” and has the appearance of a gnome-like old man, sometimes more humanoid, sometimes more like a little devil-like creature. The Domovoi is generally considered a protective and benevolent entity, but can also play pranks on you – especially when angered. It is usually hidden from the sight of the humans, but it’s presence shows itself through small, unexplainable events from time to time (like disappearing items that appear in unlikely places, noises in the night, etc).

Now, to the actual story: When I was around 6 years old, my older sister (who would have been 11 at the time) and I were home alone. This was often the case since both our parents worked full-time. Nothing unusual happened until we heard some rumbling coming from the ventilation shaft in the bathroom. We hurried over there to check what was going on. The noise continued on for a short while and then stopped. After a moment of silence, a super clear sneeze came right out of the ventilation shaft. Except that it didn’t sound like that of a normal person. The sneeze was extremely high pitched – like it came from someone who has just inhaled helium. It was terrifying and comical at the same time. We were spooked, but luckily nothing out of the ordinary happened the rest of the day. Keeping the Slavic folklore stories in mind, we were convinced that we just heard the Domovoi sneezing.

Duck demon

When I was 11 years old, I had the scariest experience of my life so far. It was a summer night. Everyone was asleep – my parents, my older sister, me and my little sister, who was just around 3  months old at that point. We had no pets at that time. I was suddenly woken up by the sensation of something standing on my legs. It felt like it didn’t weigh more than 20 lbs / 10 kg. I held my breath and kept my eyes pressed shut. The thing, whatever it was, moved over my body, towards my face and made an incredibly strange sound. As ridiculous as it sounds, it sounded like Donald Duck – it emmitted weird gurgling sounds that I have never heard before and never again since. When it reached my face, I blacked out. The next thing I remember is waking up early in the morning when it was just starting to become bright outside (around 5 AM). I was freaked out and immediately got up. I walked through the apartment to look for anything that would give some kind of explanation for what I have experienced. Instead I found my older sister sitting in the living room – doing nothing, just sitting there. This was highly unusual since she was not an early riser at all. I asked her what the matter was and she just shrugged it off, dodging my question. She has always extremely averse to speaking about the paranormal, so her behaviour was not surprising to me. Unfortunately I have never found an explanation for what happened to me that night.

Imaginary friend

As my little sister began speaking, it quickly became pretty clear that she seemed to have something like an imaginary friend. She described her as a little girl with black skin and red eyes. She said her name was “Annie”. She would often talk to her in a very realistic way, with lots of gesturing and pauses where she seemed to listen and then answer. I remember one situation in particular where she insisted that I was not allowed to sit in a certain spot since it was already occupied by Annie. I thought it was nonsense and sat down anyway. My little sister became hysterical and threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen.

Now all of this could be explained away by the vivid imagination of a child. What followed not so much though. We started seeing tiny black hand prints on a lot of our doors & windows. The toys of my little sister would often go off by themselves. One late evening, a toy piano started playing what seemed like an attempt at an entire melody. The piano was lying on the floor of my parents bedroom. Nobody was in there and the light was switched off. I just stood next to the door of the room, staring into the dark room in disbelief.

The paranormal activity was not only witnessed by me, but also by friends who stayed over night one time. It was for my birthday and naturally there was lot of candy. We were all sleeping on the floor, on mattresses that covered almost the entire floor of my room. Our candy stash was inbetween the wall and our heads. When we woke up the next morning, a lot of the candy was squished and seemingly trampled. One of my friends had chocolate stains covering her arm. Another friend said she saw a small shadowy figure walk around the room in the night. She actually went on experiencing paranormal activity in her own home the night after the party.

Even my parents had experiences of their own. My mom ususally checked on us children in the morning to make sure that we were not late for school. One day all of us overslept for some reason and my mom never came to check on us. Quite late, she casually walked in my room and was in a complete shock to see me lying in bed. She swore she heard us walking around, getting ready – opening & closing doors, using the bathroom etc.

Soon, my mom decided to try “smudging” the ghost out since it was causing quite a lot of disturbance. Surpringly, smudging the apartment worked instantly and we didn’t experience anything paranormal for a long time.

That was until a couple of months ago. My parents still live in the same apartment and left for a vacation during the summer. My husband and I stayed in their apartment to look after their cat. On our first night there, we got woken up in the middle of the night by a noise coming from a bedside table close to where my husband was lying. It was a rather quite, but clear and continuous drumming noise. It sounded like someone was quickly tapping their fingers on the table. There was absolutely nothing there to make that noise. We were staring right at the table and nothing unusual could be seen. As soon as my husband decided to get up and investigate, the noise stopped. When he lied back down, it started again. He got up again, and this time the noise stopped for good. We didn’t experience anything weird for the rest of our stay. What I find amusing about this though, is that my husband is a former drummer and still has the habit of drumming with his fingers, along with songs he is listening to. The noise almost seemed like a playful imitation of his finger drumming.

Since my parents came back from their vacation, they also reported a return of paranormal activity. They never heard the drumming, but their cd-player in the kitchen has started to turn on at random times, playing random tracks, with the volume going up on its own until it’s blaring at full blast.


When I was teenager, my best friend and I decided to play with tarot cards one late evening. She came over to my place and brought some cards from home, as I didn’t have any myself. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, didn’t know any spreads or the like. The tarot cards she brought came with a little booklet that explained what each card meant though. We decided to just spread them chaotically on the floor. We had the brilliant idea to each pull a card, which was supposed to summarize our life in general.

First, she pulled a card. I can’t remember the card itself, but I can remember that it was supposed to represent “laziness”. Understandably, she was quite displeased with the result. She put the card back and we mixed the entire pile well. I was next. The card I pulled represented “bad luck”. That was certainly not what I wanted to see. Both unhappy with our cards, we decided to repeat the process a second time.

We mixed the cards super thoroughly and she went in for another attempt. When she flipped over the card, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.  The “laziness”-card was staring us in the face again. We had a good laugh, since it was such an absurd coincidence. She put the card back and we mixed the cards extremely, extremely thoroughly again. It was my turn again. I carefully scanned the pile and grabbed one. Can you guess which card I was holding in my hand? Yes, “bad luck” was back in my hands. We just stared at each other in silence. Considering that there are 134 in a typical tarot deck, two people pulling the same card twice just after each other is more than unlikely.

We quickly put the cards back in the package and declared our tarot session over. Now, she is in no way a lazy person and never turned into one in the many years that passed since this incident. I don’t consider myself an unlucky person in general. I don’t think the tarot cards really said much about us, but I do feel like something unseen was really messing with us that evening.

Mysterious call

This is another experience that I had in my teenage years. I got a random phone call on my cell phone when I was sitting in my room one day. I rarely got any, since I mostly communicated with my friends via text message or the house phone, since it was free. From what I can remember, no number was shown on the display, but I picked up out of curiosity. What I heard on the other side was what sounded like the click-clack sound that a train makes, or maybe even a heartbeat. In the background I could hear a group of people talking to each other. I just sat there and listened, trying to understand what they were saying – without success. I could hear their voices clearly, but I could for the life of me not decipher with language they were speaking. It didn’t sound like I any language I heard before and I do speak quite a few languages myself. I listened for about 10 minutes and the call ended without me hanging up. I was confused, but went on with my day.

A couple of weeks later, a friend of mine spontaneously decided to stay at my place overnight. She didn’t live far away and decided to leave shortly to get her toothbrush, pyjama etc from her place so that she could stay over more comfortably. A couple of minutes after she left, her phone started ringing. I thought that maybe she called to tell me the sleepover was off or maybe she just wanted to ask something. I picked up. And there it was again. That rhythmical sound and the voices. The mysterious language. I listened for a couple of minutes until the call ended by itself again. I was perplexed. First I get a weird call from an unknown source, but then I get the same kind of call from another person’s cell phone – during the only time it made sense for me personally to pick up.

When my friend returned, I asked her whether she ever got calls like this. She had no idea what I was speaking about.

I never got a phone call like this since. I still have no idea what happened there.

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